Are these the worst lyrics ever?

This song has been around for quite a while now and it has always managed to hit a special nerve. The song itself is by no means completely awful. The melody is ok for a few seconds and in answer to my own question the worst lyrics ever are still present in Rebecca Blacks “Friday” (which is now guaranteed to be back in your head for the next twenty minutes).

The difference is I am not really sure that Black herself even took that song seriously, something which I think the Caged Animals do. Did they really think that these lyrics would make for a good song? And more importantly how has it come to be that I am exposed to these lyrics on national radio, and am even bothering to write this? I fear the answers would be too much for our simple minds to handle.

As far as comparisons go, comparing someone’s lack of feelings and ability to brush off emotions with teflon isn’t that bad. We get it, nothing sticks. While this invention has made frying eggs a more than enjoyable experience, it just doesn’t have a place in a song, and should not be repeated.

Coupled with lyrics like

“You brought me to the cinema,
bought me a tarantula,
put them in my camera and shot my heart”

It just makes for one of the worst ear worms possible.

Listen with extreme caution.