The Crimea: Last plane out of Saigon EP – Free download

The Crimea are back!

The band have long been fighting against the odds to keep on producing and releasing music in this cut throat day and age of mainstream money-making and they have returned with the album Square Moon and the EP Last plane out of Saigon.

With their EP Last plane out of Saigon they give us a little taste of what to expect on their 22, yes, 22 track double album! It is a very mellow affair while still possessing a gritty aggressiveness which is both epic and tragic at the same time. Something which which have come to expect from the Crimea.

The EP is available to download on their website here and even comes with a very lovely little thank you message and news of their upcoming gig on the 17th of May.

Download, enjoy, spread the word and buy the album, preferably on vinyl.

Here is a link to possibly my favorite Crimea tune. If you don’t know this band, then give them a decent listen, it will do your ears good.

The 2007 released album “secrets of the witching hour” which this track is taken from is also available to download for free on their website here, It has been available to download since a time when, in their own words, “Thom Yorke was still going ‘Mp..what?’. I like that, very good.