Waves Vienna Festival Day 2

The mid-festival surf

After a rather topsy turvy 1st day of music a safer option was taken on day 2 as the big headliners in the major venues were on the agenda rather than going into the more unknown.

This started in Flex with a brief viewing of the extremely hyped Toy. Due to general laziness on my part not much of the long-haired rockers was seen but they did enough to create a wall of sound a la S.C.U.M, but lacking the finesse of the Horrors.

Next up was the Soundtrack of Our Lives who chose the Waves Festival to play their last ever gig and they treated the packed out flex crowd to almost two hours of guitar-driven indie rock of the highest caliber. Lead singer Ebbot Lundberg pulled of his “santa claus on crack look” perfectly and put in an energetic performance, more than living up to their headliner status.

It was an honour to witness the end of an era and you can’t beat a good old bit of epic indie. One of my favourites is still the melancholic When we fall.

There wasn’t far to go for the next band as Luise Pop jingle jangled their way through their songs in the Flex Café. The lack of a stage prevented the band from really sticking out and they provided more background music for the masses rather than captivating the crowd. A decent idea to have bands in the Flex Café, but the size and extreme heat make for a rather uncomfortable spectacle.

Justine Frischmann was definately an influence 

With the time now heading into the early hours of the morning a shift to something a little more up-tempo was needed with Kavinsky in Fluc. Kavinsky, real name Vincent Belorgey, has achieved worldwide fame thanks to the 80’s throwback Nightcall, which was the perfect accompaniment for the excellent Drive.

It was no surprise then that the expectation was great in Fluc with many people buying day tickets just to see him. Things got off to an anti-climactic start to say the least as the man with the almost too good to be true grey mane started 10 minutes early with a remix of his biggest hit. It took a while for many on the outskirts of the crowd to realize the gig was underway but the masses soon piled onto the small dancefloor to witness Kavinsky in action.

Overall it was a fairly average set from the star attraction as he played a mixture of well-known pop and rock from the last few decades along with a couple of unknown numbers. A friend summed up the set perfectly – Good music, shit Dj. Maybe a bit harsh, but not far off the mark.

Despite that this is still a tune