Waves Vienna Festival Day 3

Ship ahoy!

The tiredness was clearly visible on a number of faces as the final day of the festival kicked off.

A Thousand Fuegos

Like on day 1 the Odeon was the venue for the first band of the night in the form of a Thousand Fuegos. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best choice to get the evening rolling considering the condition of some people as the lone man with the dj podium and guitar went through a set of songs which would be more appropriate for a Sunday night with the headphones on and eyes closed than a Saturday night of fighting through the hangover barrier. Despite this it was still a powerful performance as he managed to captivate the crowd with a performance which radiated fragility and timidity.

The full set in the Odeon was then followed by brief forays in the Clubschiff for The Pharmacy and Flex for Pantha de Prince. Sitting on the steps outside Clubschiff listening to the Pharmacy while we enjoyed a few cans of cheap beer was an enjoyable digression before we headed to Flex to see what all the hype was about for Pantha de Prince.

Hendrik Weber aka Pantha de Prince was labelled as one of the must see acts coming into this festival and so it was necessary to at least give him a chance despite not being blown away by the album. As expected it was a very minimalistic affair which offered little in the way of excitement, another one for the headphones on a Sunday evening.

Housse de Racket

We decided to jump ship and head back to the Clubschiff in time for the equally hyped Housse de Racket from France. Despite the Clubschiff not being the best of venues the French duo got the crowd fully involved from the off as their energetic guitar synth pop was greeted with open arms and dancing feet.

Lead singer Victor le Masne oozed charisma as they powered through radio-friendly track after track and from one ear worm to the next. The crowd left with a smile on their faces and they were definitely one of the highlights of the festival for me. We will certainly be hearing a bit more of these two in the future that is for sure.

With the festival now slowly winding down and the timetable becoming increasingly blue (indicating Djs) we decided to head to Fluc to wait for the relatively unknown Rangleklods from Denmark who was scheduled to play after the last ever concert from Bunny Lake. The loss of the Austrian duo will not exactly be sending ripples of emotion through the music world.


The masses gathered outside Fluc as Bunny Lake played their final tunes and it was then time for Rangleklods. Not exactly a name that rolls of the tongue but that doesn’t matter when you have a voice as good as this. Part Ian Curtis, 1 third Chris Martin and a dash of Isaac Hayes on a rough day, Espen Andersen wrapped the crowd around his little finger instantly, cutting a very likeable figure and seemed to be genuinely overwhelmed with the reception he received. His mix of down tempo electro and chillingly poignant vocals is insanely infectious and it spreaded quickly across the dance floor.

It isn’t really music you can dance to, but it makes you dance. Just close your eyes and float away. Without a doubt the biggest surprise of the Festival. If we don’t know much about this band now, we can be certain that we will know a little bit more in 6 months time. Lets hope he keeps his promise and returns to Vienna sooner rather than later.

Pratersauna was the next destination for some dj fun of the blurry kind. All in all a good festival, but there needs to be some work done on the time slots or number of venues to prevent too many empty gigs.