Classic Thursday: Stereophonics – A Thousand Trees

classic tune

This song from the welsh wizards was released an amazing 16 years ago! Does it feel that long ago? Not really, but when this song came out I was still a very young whipper-snapper.

Despite being young I still enjoyed this song a hell of a lot as a pre-teenager and the Stereophonics spent a lot of time in my CD/Walkman as those puberty-plagued years too hold.

A Thousand Trees is without doubt one of my favourite ‘Phonics song, and it is a wonderful video to boot. Kelly Jones is on top of his game as he bellows out those iconic lines. Enjoy and re-live the great Stereophonics!

P.S they will be releasing a new album on the 4th of March 2013. Head over to their website to pre-order yours: