Two Door Cinema Club and Dog is Dead – Gasometer

An evening of fluffy wuffy pop perfection 

The last time Two Door Cinema Club played in Vienna it was at WUK in front of fans of their first album and still a relatively unknown quantity to the masses. Their 2nd album and hours of radio time on every station possible has of course changed the situation and this time they played to an almost sold-out crowd at the Gasometer.

You know a band has reached a certain status in Vienna if they play the Gasometer, fortunately for me I have been able to see most of the best bands before they have reached this stage over the last few years. I decided to bite the bullet and delve into the crowd of teenie-boppers for this one, and it was quite an experience.

Dog is Dead - great name, music doesn't do it justice
Dog is Dead – great name, music doesn’t do it justice

I won’t say much about the two support bands the 1975 and Dog is Dead. Why? Because there simply aren’t too many positives to mention, and negativity brings bad karma as my hippy friends like to tell me. Both bands sounded like a copy/clone of TDCC and while they made nice, clean and catchy pop music they both lacked any real originality to justify some of the hype that seems to be floating around the blog-o-sphere at the moment.

These are my favorite tunes from them both, maybe they will float your boat more than mine. You can also download the 1975’s EP.

The 1975 – Chocolate

Dog is Dead – Teenage Daughter 

Two Door Cinema Club

2013-02-25 22.49.20

Fans were made to wait almost an hour for the main act of the evening but it turned out to ba rather surprisingly pleasant wait as we were treated to some of best 90’s electro pop around. N-trance, Bomfunk MC’s, and Darude.

Great tune. 

Any one remember Darude? Me neither, but you will recognise the tune. 

Once the mini-rave had subsided it was time for the cinema club and they didn’t fail to entertain, bashing out catchy pop tune after catchy pop tune making you realize just how many radio-friendly songs they have made over the last few years. Unfortunately you can have too much of a good thing, and in the end it felt like eating 15 Mars bars at once. The first few were amazing, but by the 15th you start to think that maybe 10 would have been enough.

An enjoyably harmless evening with music for the masses. 6/10

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