Help Sweet Sweet Moon “fuck the atlantic ocean”

Sweet Sweet Moon – Fuck the Atlantic Ocean

Sweet Sweet Moon – Siluh Records (c) ChristianPitschl

This is such a lovely and curious story. Sweet Sweet Moon is an Austrian band signed to the local Siluh Records label which achieved sudden and unexpected fame in South America thanks to a video made by They Shoot Music Don’t They. So what do you do when you realise you have a pretty big fan base waiting for you on the other side of the world? You start up a project on to raise enough money to be able to afford to finally play in front of those South American fans. Pretty simple.

It doesn’t seem to be going too badly for Sweet Sweet Moon at the moment, but as with everything in the world there is always room for improvement, so donate and read more about the project here:

Listen to the tunes below for more inspiration and give a little to help achieve something special.