The Fritz – Wanna Play Vienna at B72

The Fritz – Your new favourite band? Quite possibly….

The Fritz doing their thing
The Fritz doing their thing

As a youngster growing up in England I was spoilt for choice when it came to new music. The situation in the land which has the daunting task of fulfilling a spoilt kids musical thirst for the new and unknown is a little different to say the least. The hills are alive with the sound of music, but not always the good kind.

While the local Austrian/Viennese music scene supporting local talent continues to develop it is still minuscule in comparison to other capitals across Europe.

Despite this there are still great things happening in the country which gave us musical greats such as Mozart, Falco and erm, Dj Ötzi.

Wanna Play Vienna is one of these. The cult club B72 opens its doors once a month for the Wanna Play Vienna night, which offers unsigned, local bands the chance to cut their teeth in the music business and get that much needed experience out there on stage.  A wonderful idea and with free entry as well there is no reason to not dive into the musical magnificence of the gürtel’s most loved live venue.

Wanna Play Vienna

The most recent edition of Wanna Play Vienna saw the live debut of The Fritz, the brainchild of lead singer Reiner Reitsamer, bassist Christoph Muck, gitarrist Simon Lee and drummer Philip Pfleger. Watching new bands make their debut can often be as traumatic an experience for the crowd as it is for the band themselves. Empty, seedy pubs full of locals staring down the bottom of a glass is often the situation faced by new bands. This is not the case with Wanna Play Vienna and most certainly was not the case with The Fritz. There is usually a decent turnout for Wanna Play Vienna nights, but the presence of the local lads and the “popping of their musical cherry” clearly seemed to interest the masses as they packed into B72 to witness history in the making.  The nerves were all to see as the band took to the stage and placed their already iconic “5th member” on the stage, an intriguingly mysterious picture of a pig and cat…. rock and roll I suppose.  A tense few minutes of fine-tuning then followed until the band burst into their first number greeted by genuinely impressed faces in the audience.

The Fritz

Their delightfully simple mix of 60’s rhythm laden tunes and lyrics full of clever humour and a decent dose of melancholy worked perfectly. Lead singer Reitsamer reminded me of a young Robert Rotifer, his vocals leaning heavily on the style of the England based FM4 journalist.

As expected it was not an overly long performance from a band still very much  in nappies when it comes to musical experience, but there is a lot more to come from the Fritz in the future. Their next gig is already confirmed as they are set to support Making Marks at Rhiz on the 26th of April.

Listen to their only recorded song on Soundcloud

Support the band on Facebook and see the pig and the cat live on stage in the flesh.

Pig and Cat (C) The Fritz
Pig and Cat (C) The Fritz