Classic Tune Thursday – Arthur Brown – Fire


Fire and all things warm seem to be on my mind a lot at the moment as spring continues to do its job wrong. This classic from 1968 is therefore very fitting.

I rediscovered this track recently on an old vinyl I bought. I can remember being scared of this video as kid growing up watching it on Top of the Pops 2, and listening to my parents talk about the “good old days”.

Released on the album “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” it is a classic which still stands the tests of time in my opinion. It is no surprise it sold over 5 million copies world wide when it was released and has been sampled time and time again.

Death Grips made the most of the iconic intro in Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl). Download the tune here:

If this instrumental version by Muvril and The Ravignes doesn’t make you want to play the air xylophone then you have no heart.