Urban Cone – Teen Beat Club – Chelsea

 Silly name, alright band.

Urban cone

I have never met a Swedish person with a poor dress sense. It wouldn’t surprise me if Swedish babies were given a free complimentary “welcome to the world” package from H&M upon entering this big blue ball.

Urban Cone were further proof that my theory may well be true. The Swedish five-piece were looking immaculate (a little bit too immaculate in my opinion) as they strolled down the Gürtel half an hour before their gig in another legendary little Vienna club – Chelsea.

I first heard about Urban cone, who, judging by their album cover take their name from a pine cone, about a year ago through Oliver Nelson’s excellent remix of Freak and have since been lazily following their progress.

The band signed to Universal Music Sweden have been hyped for big things in the next year or so and it was therefore a bit of a surprise to see them playing in Chelsea, but it is once again confirmation of the top-notch work being done by Teen Beat Club to bring some of the best up and coming indie talent to Vienna. The next gig will be Making Marks live at the Rhiz with The Fritz support. Read about them here

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Urban Cone’s live appearance in Chelsea turned out to be an energetic and fast-paced Indie affair as they blasted through their debut album “Our Youth” in front of a very young, and predominantly female crowd. They even seemed to have an odd effect on one of the few bearded fans in the masses as the end of the gig was greeted by a rather awkward ten minutes or so for the Swedish youngsters.

This was awkward
This was awkward

The band have plenty of potential and they do have some excellent tunes, Freak, Urban Photograph, Kings and Queens and We Should Go To France the ones that stand out.

Unfortunately however these songs were ruined by the band spending a little too much time trying to look too cool for school while crooning and swooning through slow songs about teenage angst, which wouldn’t have been out of place on a Take That CD decades ago.

I have no doubt that we will be hearing more from Urban Cone in the future and it seems like they are still trying to find their sound in their debut album. I hope that they decide to concentrate on their strength of making catchy, lively tunes when they sit down for their 2nd album.

Fleeting glimmers of genuine talent marred by the generic. 5.5 out of 10.

But at least they got to be worshiped by their fans.


Naked worship
Naked worship