Francis International Airport – The Right Ones

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'Francis International Airport' -

Francis International Airport are now in full swing as they prepare for the take-off of their 3rd album Cache on the 3rd of May.

The first single off that album is called the Right Ones and it is a welcomed departure from their previous album “In the Woods” and they seem to be arriving at a faster paced and perhaps even rockier destination.

Give it a listen here:

Francis International Airport are signed to Siluh Records and will be touring this May.

Upcoming shows:
2013-05-03 CZE – Brno, Kabinet Múz
2013-05-14 AUT – Wien, WUK
2013-05-16 AUT – Graz, PPC
2013-05-17 AUT – Linz, Posthof
2013-05-22 GER – Leipzig, Werk 2
2013-05-23 GER – Berlin, Haus Ungarn (ex .HBC)
2013-05-24 GER – Hamburg, Uebel & Gefaehrlich
2013-05-25 NED – Utrecht, Tivoli
2013-06-01 AUT – Zwentendorf, Tomorrow Festival
2013-08-17 AUT – Wattens, Wiesenrock Festival