Christopher Owens releases Lysandre Acoustic Album – Free download

This one is fresh of the press.

Former Girl’s lead singer Christopher Owens has just released an acoustic version of his solo album Lysandre and it can be downloaded on his official website here

Check out a snippet of the acoustic tunes below and treat yourself to a bit of acoustic goodness by downloading the acoustic 8-track of ‘Lysandre’.

There is also a  limited edition 10” vinyl with tracks, “Here We Go”, “New York City”, “A Broken Heart”, “Here We Go Again”, “Love Is In the Ear of the Listener”, “Lysandre” “Everywhere You Knew” and “Part of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)” available on May 20th. The album can be pre-ordered on Turnstile Music or Fat Possum.

The full band will be playing the album live at the Primavera festival in Barcelona so there is still time to catch it before the solo tour begins across aAmerica.