Just Friends and Lovers – What, Colour?

This shit smells like it sounds, and it sounds like it tastes and it tastes like it’s fresh.

(C) andi dvo
(C) andi dvo
VeroniKa Adamski, Magdalena Gasser and Lina Gärtner aka Just Friends and Lovers will be releasing their debut album “What, Colour?” on the 24th of May on Fettkakao records and I have been giving it a massive listen recently, and it does not disappoint.
There is something about all-girl bands which I find musically appealing. Just Friends and Lovers are precisely that. If you like things like Peaches and Le Tigre then you will definately find a friend in this little gem.


Recorded with Christian Sundl at the Ladida studios in Graz, the album is a raw bareback ride of garage punk, synth riffs, reggae beats and a big whiff of Gangsta rap which leaves you feeling sore but genuinely pleasured afterwards . Their “we don’t give a fuck” attitude oozes through every track, especially on their rap homage “Gangsta Fragrance”.


Their first single “Sniper” catches your attention from the very first notes and has the potential to hit big over the next few months if it gets the attention it deserves. Other stand-out tunes on the album include the jovial “Russian Guy”, which is catchy simplicity at its best at just 1:56. “In the House” is a dark tale of passion, murder and blackmail of extreme proportions.

Smell it for yourself, you just might have to love them

Just Friends and Lovers will be playing in the Fluc in Vienna to release their debut album on the 24th of May and will then be touring across the country. The album can be bought here
24. Mai, Fluc Wien, Record Release show
28. Mai, Waggon, Offenbach
31. Mai, Denkmal, Salzburg
04. Juni, Arena Wien w/ The Babies
07. Juni, ESC, Graz=20
I leave you with the lovely colourful video from their very first release on Fettkakao “This Tune”