Punda Omar – stetptc EP – Download

Beautiful, chillingly bewitching electro escapism.

Punda Omar

There is not an abundance of info out there on the web-o-sphere about Punda Omar, apart from the fact that he/she/the band is based in Vienna and makes electronic music.
There are also only three songs available for us to base an opinion on, but what we’ve heard from Punda Omar so far we like. The cryptically named “stetptc” EP is in keeping with the air of mysticism currently encompassing Punda. All three tracks have qualities of their own but “This You”, with its subtle bass line and sweeping sounds is the stand out tune.
“Survivors are mourners” is a slow, piano-driven piece of minimalist electro which leaves you longing for lazy summer days and a sea breeze on your face.
It is definitely headphones on, eyes closed kind of music. When life feels like sucking you in and devouring you, put this on, and let it wrap its warm arms around you and be transported to a better place.