Beach Girls and the Monster – “I go Surfing”

Great name, catchy tunes


I have to admit that I often judge bands by their name without any prior knowledge of their music. Sometimes I am proven to be right, sometimes not so much so, but there are times when you hear a band name and think “this band has to be amazing”.
You can imagine my excitement then when I first heard about the fantastically named Beach Girls and the Monster.
The Viennese surfer group take their moniker from the 1965 horror movie of the same title (watch it in full here). Their musical and artistic inspiration has also been gleened from this film , based on the motto „Loving, Singing – Surfing, Sinning“
Thankfully it is not just the name and their gnarly style which impresses. Their music is 60’s surfing nostalgia of the finest quality.
The 4-Track 7″ “I go Surfing” offers up track after sun, sea and sin-loving track. Title tune “I go Surfing” is a head-bopping, hip-twisting  litty doozy of a number. If “Donau Kanal Surf Gang” doesn’t  make you  instantly want to join their crew, then you should maybe get your ears and your head checked out.

If I could surf, this would be my soundtrack.

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