Classic Tune Thursday: No More – SUICIDE COMMANDO (New official video release)

Suicide Commando, a song that refuses to die.

no more

Time for a classic from Germany, and also from the 80’s. The genre busting indie classic “Suicide Commando” from No More was first released in 1981, and it has taken the band almost an eternity to release an official video of the song which brought them fame.
The cult classic has also been remixed by the likes of DJ Hell, Vitalic and Echopark. Check out Vitalic’s take on the track below, which gives the song another different, but pleasant dimension.
Original founding members Andy Schwarz and Tina Sanudakura are still going strong as a two-piece working on re-mastering and rediscovering the magic of their great tunes. Their combination of unusual electronic instruments, such as the theremin and “the green circle”, with analogue sounds create an impressive post punk, Kraut electronic concoction which is just as impressive now as it was over 30 years ago.
 If you want to see them live then check out their website here