Francis International Airport @WUK

Oh, what could have been…..


One of Austria’s hottest indie bands at the moment Francis International Airport finally presented their widely acclaimed 3rd album Cache at WUK. It was a highly anticipated live appearance from the band and it was no surprise that the venue was sold out.
Two years after their last appearance in WUK it was a much darker, more emotional and generally more mature show from them. Unfortunately however, some of the power and magic of the album failed to come across in the way hoped for live.
The old hits like Monsters and Amnesiac continued to please, but it didn’t seem to be enough for the casual fan as the new material failed to keep them entertained and the venue gradually emptied as the gig went on.
Overall it was a tidy and tight performance, but somehow you just couldn’t help thinking that they could have made so much more of this opportunity, especially after the hype of the new album. The spectacular performance of Berenice was a perfect example of what could, and should have been.
Excellent album, great band, but they missed their chance to really prove that they are band capable of winning over the general public in the flesh and cement their reputation as one of Austria’s best indie bands at the moment.

Decent show, but it could have been brilliant – 6/10