The XX @Gasometer

Don’t stop us, we’re dreaming

We mentioned earlier this week that this one was a no brainer, and that is exactly what it turned out to be. The Gasometer with its 4,500 capacity had been sold out for weeks, and the unbelievably long queue to get in was another sign of the huge demand for the band.
 The XX have often been criticized for lacking excitement live. Granted, they are no Daft Punk or Justice, but anyone who expects to be able to “ave it” to the XX like at those kind of gigs simply has not listened to the albums properly.
What they did offer was the perfect mixture of shoe-gaze minimalistic electro indie versions of great songs like Cystalized and lively, movable takes on other classics.
 They didn’t put on a massive show, because they didn’t need to. Some excellent lighting and brilliant music was enough for the introverted trio to prove that they are masters of a style that they have pioneered.

The XX still remain in a class of their own 8/10