Triptonus – Sprout EP

Two guitars, bass, drums, wave drum and a Djembe


If you like your music to make your head shake simply from the volume and power of PHAT guitar riffs, and bass to blow you another arsehole, then look no further than Triptonus.
The Vienna based 6 piece instrumental collective make music which is a little heavier than is normally showcased on Substance is Meaningless, but there is a first time for everything.
The band formed in 2012 intentionally make music without vocals, focussing on the power of their instruments to bring their message across. Their intense live performances and unique combination of psychedelic rock, percussion-grooves and experimental electronica is certainly an experience, but it perhaps not for the faint hearted.
Their debut EP was released in April and can be bought here:
Listen to their tracks below, and turn it up LOUD.