Silvius Sonvilla – Weltgeschichtenschreiber (Free download)

Es ist wunderschön dabei zu sein…

…….is what Silvius Sonvilla sings in his debut single “Weltgeschichtenschreiber”, which means “it is wonderful to be part of it”. Life, feelings and writing world history, as the title of the track says.
While the lyrics may be in German (which can often be a stumbling block if you can’t speak the language) it doesn’t change the fact that this is a lovely piece of indie which succeeds at being both melancholic and upbeat at the same time.
At just 19, the young Finnish/Austrian artist has created something very mature which goes beyond his years. The nine years spent in Finland have definitely had an influence on his music.
Silvius Sonvilla has recently joined the “Sonobelle Recordings Family”. “Weltgeschichtenschreiber” is the first release off the debut EP which is set to come out this year.

Download the track for free on the Sonobelle Recordings website here


Silvius will be playing in B72 on the 12th of June