Donaukanaltreiben 2013

Donaukanaltreiben is over for another year. The question is, was it really worth it?

When the line-up was announced a while back it wasn’t really full of bands which filled you with an enormous desire to jaunty on down to the canal. The Viennese government have been cutting back on the budget for these kind of events, and that was quite clear to see.
While the festival is not just about music, it is a major part of it, and this year it failed to live up to the expectations and experiences of previous years. Bands like Sofa Surfers and Heinz aus Wien have been around the block a fair few times and you know what you are going to get, so we will concentrate on a few others.

Luise Pop 

Luise Pop
The predominately female band played on the “Wir Sind Mehr” stage on Saturday evening and came out to a rather sparse crowd, which was somewhat surprising given how nice the weather turned out to be.  The Elastica sound really works on record, but they still seem to lack a certain something live and didn’t really seem like they wanted to be playing at first. They did warm a little as the crowd slowly increased, but it was not a performance that will last long in the memory.
Great, catchy tunes, but still a bit of room for improvement live.

James Hersey

Musically this guy seems to be rather talented. It is definitely not my kind of music, but he does have the ability to write a mainstream pop song. So credit where credit is due. He seems to be at a cross roads at the moment however in terms of his musical direction. James and the “twins” switched between radio-friendly pop and leftboy rapping attempts (which were simply rather embarrassing). The less said about their efforts at looking cool on stage during these “raps” the better.
The fact that the best two songs happened to be cover versions sums up the gig. He should probably leave rap and hip hop to those that do it better, and stick to what has got him this far.
Donaukanaktreiben continues to be good fun for all the family, across all genres and tastes, which is a good thing. Despite this, it has seen better days.
So what did we learn? James Hersey is definitely not our cup of tea, Donaukanaltreiben used to be better, and dogs generally don’t like being stood on. same time next year ey?