Things to see and do: 10.06 – 16.06

The summer is finally almost upon us, pink is the new “in” colour for pasty indie-types, and it also sadly means that gigs are starting to dry up. The good news is. we have the (real and slighty expensive) festival season to look forward to.
Here is what you should be spending your time doing this week.
Monday and Tuesday are pretty sparse in terms of music, but if you like bikes and fashion and all sorts then the Viennese bike week could be something for you. There will be bikes, fashion and music happening at Karlsplatz on Monday and Tuesday night.
——————————————————————————————————————— Juni The New Vitamin // The Nintendos // Silvius Sonvilla @B72 – 12.06

Bit more happening on Wednesday night with the night at B72 with the New Vitamin, the Nintendos and Silvius Sonvilla, who recently received our thumbs up.
Another option is Scout Niblett supported by Plaided in Chelsea. Unfortunately I always end up thinking about Lord Nibbler from Futurama whenever I here Niblett. Still pretty damn good music though.

Black Box Radio @Chelsea – 13.06

(c) Black Box Radio
(c) Black Box Radio
Black Box Radio will be presenting their debut album ‘Underneath the Subsurface‘ on Thursday night in Chelsea supported by ‘the who the what the yeah‘. We had the privelage of listening to a few of the tracks off the album recently, and they don’t dissapoint.
If you’re still in the mood for bikes then go to Wiener RADcorso w/ Binder & Krieglstein. Lots of bikes, music and partying to be had.

fest dommage Softival @Fluc – 14.06 -15.06


club d’hommage will be taking over Fluc and Fluc Wanne on Friday and Saturday for a two day festival of joviality. 12 bands, a handful of dj’s and lots of things to celebrate. Definately sounds like it is worth a visit with top local talent such as Aivery, Luise Pop, A Thousand Fuegos and many more. Whole festival tickets or “day tickets” available.
Slow Earth @Fluc – 16.06
Finish the week off with a bit of experimental rock/shoegazing with Slow Earth at Fluc.

If you think we have missed anything or want to tell us about your band/event/party/Rick James tribute night then send us an email at or on Facebook