Black Box Radio – Underneath The Subsurface

(C) Black Box Radio
(C) Black Box Radio
A deep, moody, brooding bass line kicks off Futurama Cyberlove Disaster. „I wanna go, wanna go to the other side, I wanna go, wanna go for another ride“ are the first words lead singer Johann Josef Grafenauer welcomes us with on the first song of Vienna-based Black Box Radio’s debut album ‘Underneath The Subsurface’. A very promising start.
The debut album is released this week on their own label „wood.before the cottage“ . We have had the privelage of listening to a preview of what is to come, and we have not been disappointed,
Guitar and riff heavy music, inspired by the real grunge and alternative times of the 90’s is what we are given from the lead singer and the rest of the band: guitarists Joachim Viehböck and Thomas Springer, bass player Coloman Deweis and drummer Raphael Rameis.
No complications, no frills, just good ol’ alternative! It has been a while since our ears have been treated to this kind of candy, and it is a welcome change in a time which seems to be dominated by synth, dream pop and electro productions.  The band are not afraid to take their own direction, refusing to jump on the band wagon and succumb to the whims of popular trends.
Here is a preview of what to expect
Black Box Radio will be presenting their debut album at their album release party in Chelsea on Thursday this week (13.06).