(C) Polkov
(C) Polkov
It is isn’t often that a band decides their first release should be done completely live. Soooo much can go wrong. Thankfully this is not the case with Polkovand their first double single Reverie/Pictures.
The brainchild of Laurenz Jandl, Graz-based Polkov describe themselves as more of a collective rather than a band, with the number of musicians ranging from 4 to over 10 depending on the day.
Recorded at the Recorder near Graz, the two songs have an elegant simplicity and natural charm. The live sound brings you closer to the artists and the music, giving you the feeling of being with them while the songs were made.
Polkov also filmed themselves while they were in the studio, and are set to release a short 30 minute music film/documentary about it. Check out the video to Pictures below. It is not one of those “lets look cool with a few beers, fags and do some some stupid stuff looking into the camera” generic kind of videos, but an actual video of them playing the song……in the studio. It complements the track perfectly, adding another dimension to the live aspect.
The double single is scheduled to be released on the 21st of June on Zita records and can be bought/pre-ordered on Bandcamp, Pictures can also be listened too and downloaded on their website.
A limited edition vinyl can also be ordered here (only 200 copies)
Polkov will be playing at the Postgarage 2nd floor on the 21st of June and they will be heading across, down, diagonal – wherever Graz is in relation to Vienna – on the 8th of August. B72 will be the location with Marta and the End Band.