Tirana – Talea 7″ e.p.

When film and music collide, special things can happen

(C) Andi Dvorak
TIRANA is the new project by Veronika Eberhart (of Austrian bands Plaided, Ilsebill). The TALEA EP is the latest release to come out of this new project and the songs have been written and produced especially for the film of the same name by Katharina Mückstein.
Ready To Go is a slice of Eurodance which gets better with every listen. Imagine playing Outrun on the Sega Megadrive with this as the soundtrack.  It was composed and recorded with Wolfgang Möstl (Mile me Deaf), and is further proof that everything he touches seems to turn to gold in some kind of form.
Talea is a beautifully composed and more relaxed affair, which accompanies the protagonists in the film on their journey in search of their own identities.
Talea will be released on the 28th of June to coincide with the screening of the film Talea, which will open the “Kino unter Sternen” open air cinema season at Karlsplatz in Vienna. Check out the trailer for the film here
Check out the teaser video here:
Tirana will be playing live at the Fettkakao party in Steyr on the 21. September @ Röda