Tall William – ‘Rattle and Hum’

Tall William Photo
We haven’t featured too many singer-songwriters on Substance is Meaningless, so it is about time we changed that.
Tall William is a British singer-songwriter based in Vienna and has recently released his very first music video for the song ‘Rattle and Hum’.
The song deals with the battle-ready mentality a person must adopt if they are to have any chance of getting any sex (paid for or otherwise). The video takes a stroll through the sleazy underbelly of Viennese life, and the black and white filming is in perfect symmetry with the dark simplicity of the song itself.
Check out more of Tall William’s music on Soundcloud and Facebook.


He will be playing at the Alte Bäckerei on the 6th of July if you want to get to know the “big man” up close and personal.