Black Box Radio – Underneath the Subsurface


Vienna based band Black Box Radio released their debut album on the 13th of June on their own label wood.before the cottage. We gave them a mention before the album came out, so it seems only fitting to complete the review. The long road to this debut album began in 2007 when guitarist Joachim Viehböck and singer Johann Josef Grafenauer started making music together at uni. It wasn’t until the addition of guitarist Thomas Springer, bassist Coloman Deweis and drummer Raphael Rameis that “Black Box Radio” came into being.
All 11 songs were recorded live by the band in the Conny Dix’s Cosmix Studio, providing the album with its gritty aggression and “rough around the edges” feeling. Underneath the Subsurface is an album which does not hesitate about getting down to the point. While other bands use keyboard driven pomp to power their bands, this one is a guitar-fuelled juggernaut which storms its way through, spewing out guitar solos and powerful bass lines by the dozen.
Driven at times by melancholy and anger with songs like  “Nowhere land” and “A wish to expect”, the album balances this out with the sentimental undertones of “Restless Union” and “Whip It”. The more jovial “Inconsolable Brother” and “World on a String” will no doubt prove to be popular songs when played live due to their capability to get the gig legs moving.

Underneath the Subsurface is a homage to the heyday of guitar rock, and it is about time we gave it another chance, with Black Box Radio leading the way perhaps?

Black Box Radio will be playing the following gigs over the next few months
19.07.2013 Wolfpassing, WULFstock
31.08.2013 Wien, Chelsea | Gürtel Night Walk w/ The Boys You Know
01.09.2013 Kollerschlag, Red Bull Brandwagen
06.09.2013 Wien, Local Bar – local indie
07.09.2013 Zwettl, SYRNAU w/ Francis International Airport