On a park bench with…The Fritz

Vienna and Berlin based The Fritz took 15 minutes out from finishing off their debut EP to reveal their love/hate relationship for Steven Seagal and drummer Philip Pfleger’s uncanny likeness to Jon Snow.
Philip Pfleger, Simon Lee, Reiner Reitsamer and Christoph Muck (C) Martin Vincent Kolbert
Philip Pfleger, Simon Lee, Reiner Reitsamer and Christoph Muck (C) Martin Kolbert

Tea or coffee? Lead singer Reiner Reitsamer – Coffee, I wonder what Simon is going to pick? English guitarist Simon Lee – Tea (Editor – no surprise there). Drummer Philip Pfleger – Tea. Bassist Christoph Muck – Coffee.

Beer or spritzer? Chris – I don’t get why there is an ‘or’ in this question. Reiner – Beer. Simon – Beer (if Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt energy drink is unavailable). Philip – Beer.

Der Standard or Die Presse? A unanimous vote of confidence for DerStandard on this one.

Cd or vinyl? Reiner – CD. Vinyl may be the most overrated thing in the world. And this may be the most unpopular opinion in the world. Thankfully the rest of the band were not feeling as controversial as their lead man and opted for vinyl.

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad? Reiner – Never saw an episode of either of those shows, but i hear our drummer is playing a major part in “Game of Thrones”, so I gotta go with that. Philip – Breaking Bad. Chris– Game of Thrones. Simon – Breaking Bad.

Flex or Fluc? Reiner – Flex, although i haven’t been there in years. Philip – Fluc. Chris – Fluc for me too. Simon – Flex.

Car or Bike? Chris – Bike. And to the bastard who stole mine recently: watch out, the brakes aren’t working properly! Simon – Car (although I want to say public transport). Reiner – In Vienna: definitely car. Philip – Car.

Acoustic or electric (guitar/music)? Reiner – Acoustic. It saves electricity. Chris – Electric (except if there is a bonfire around). Simon – Electric. Philip – Electric

Online purchase or record shop? Chris – Listening online, buying local. Reiner – CD shop. Simon – Record shop. Philip – me too.

Aspirin or Alka Selzer (to cure a hangover)? Reiner Anything as long as there’s “alk” in it. Chris – Alka Selzer. Philip – Aspirin. Simon – The only cure for a hangover is time. Reiner“The only cure for a hangover is time” – that is beautiful Simon.

If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be?

Reiner – Probably something by Electronic Dictionary, Protestant Work Ethic or Splanko In The Woods. ChrisElement of Crime – Psycho. PhilipFoals – Antidotes. Simon – Mojo Priest by Steven Seagal

If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you hate to have with you?

Reiner – Wilson, the Volleyball (it seems the Berlin based singer had problems understanding this question). Chris – Andreas Gabalier (because I’m afraid he would never stop singing “a liad für mi”), Knigge, everything with Steven Seagal in it, everything from Celine Dion.

Reiner – I would hate to be stuck on an island with that joke, Chris. And Steven Seagal is a legend, anything with seagulls is great. Philip – Justin Bieber (if Sansa Stark doesn’t count), Twilight, Twilight, anything from Justin Bieber. Simon – Liam Gallagher, Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes (German edition), 300, Swing When You’re Winning by Robbie Williams.

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