On a park bench with…Fotzhobl

© Stefan Wolfsteiner

Jörg and Max from upper Austria’s most famous “mund-art” band Fotzhobl joined us this week on the nicest park bench in the 16th district to tell us about Max’s love for all things alcoholic and Jörg’s interesting ability to eat books.

Tea or coffee?

Max/Jörg –  Coffee – it goes best with cigarettes

Beer or spritzer?

Jörg –  Both – but never mixed througout the night. Max: Both – always mixed

Der Standard or Die Presse?

Max/Jörg –  Der Standard – definitely, and especially because of the sunday riddle

Cd or vinyl?

Max/Jörg – Our choice: Vinyl at home and Cd on the road – cause there’s no portable vinyl player (Editor: apparently there are)

Book or Film?

Jörg – Either, or  Max – Neither, nor

Flex or Fluc?

Max/Jörg – Definitely Flex in summer – sitting on the dock of the bay

Schweinsbraten or Schnitzel?

Jörg – Since I’m vegetarian no meat for me.   Max – Schweinsbraten, except I want Schnitzel

Car or Bike?

Jörg – Bike!!! It’s fast and i hate those crowded sweaty Bims in summer. Max- Public transport

Acoustic or electric?

Jörg- Electric on stage, and acoustic by the bonfire – singin cover songs all night long – Max is a living jukebox. Max – acoustic guitar – goes best with beer

FM4 or Ö1?

Jörg – Mostly FM4, but theres some really great formats on Ö1. Max –  right now fm4 – maybe I’ll turn into an Ö1 listener in 20 years – or maybe 30

Summer or winter?

Max- Summer rocks. Jörg –  In Austria I would go with summer – I like wearing shorts

Online or record shop?

Jörg – I buy my vinyl in the record shop and the mp3s online. Max- My heart says record shop – my time is crying for the online store

Nova Rock or Frequency?

Jörg- Depends on the lineup. Max- If I had the time – both and more

© Stefan Wolfsteiner
© Stefan Wolfsteiner

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

Max- Breaking bad eats game of thrones for breakfast – (evil laugh). Jörg – Game of thrones – definitely. After the first season I became so addicted, I bought all the books and ate them

Yppenplatz or Naschmarkt?

Max/Jörg – Yppinger! We both live nearby and even if we wouldn’t – Yppinger!

City or countryside?

Jörg – I enjoy the countryside but it doesn’t enjoy me! Sad to say – I’m allergic to nature. Max- Living in the city. Holiday on the countryside

Reservoir dogs or Pulp Fiction?

Max –  I’m not that into movies. So – Beer. Jörg-  A hard one – I think would go for Reservoir dogs

Aspirin or Alka Selzer?

Max – I dont have hangovers. So – Beer is the best medicine. Jörg – Aspirin keeps me going on bad sundays

If there was one album you could have made or been a part of apart from your own, what would it be?

Max – Nevermind – Nirvana

Jörg – Soundgarden – Superunknown, or Pearl Jam – Vitalogy

If you were stuck on an island, which celebrity, which book, which film and which album would you HATE to have with you?

Jörg: Celebrity – Jennifer lopez, Book – the telephone book – who is using these anyway anymore??  (Editor: we did a little research on this one, AND, apparently telephone books are excellent to kneel on if you are gardening…who knew?)  Album – Once i got this relax cd with whale sounds – it made me really really unrelaxed. For film I think i would choose fast & furious – any of these pointless pieces of “film” which have an endless amount of sequels. Pretty soon it will be called “slow and forgetful 17” if they keep on making them – Vin Diesel isn’t that young anymore. 

Max: Celebrity – Mitzi fekter (Editor: we would like to interject and claim that in no way should “the Fekter” be called a celeb)

Book – Any books without pictures. The Rambo quadrology. Album – Andrea berg – greatest hits!

(Up until this interview Andrea Berg was a stranger to Substance is Meaningless. It is safe to say  our lives will never be the same again) 

Check out Fotzhobl on their official website and Facebook page.