Sleep Sleep – CVRS EP


Sleep Sleep, also known by the name Pieter Gabriel gave us a taste of his musical know-how a few years ago with the release of the album “ City of Last Things”. The Vienna based musician has returned in 2013 with a series of very flambouyant cover versions of artists such as Michael Jackson and David Hasselhoff.
Perusing the track list of the appropriately named “CVRS” EP generated a certain degree of sceptisicm, expecially upon seeing a 7 minute cover of “Looking for Freedom”. As I don’t come from the German-speaking world the understanding for the cult following the Hoff still enjoys in these parts through his “musical” exploits is still beyond me. The fears were quickly dispelled as Sleep Sleep turned the song into a lo-fi affair of entrancing beauty which has the singer’s powerful voice in the foreground.
Michael Jackson, Mile Me Deaf, Smog and Convertible are also given the Sleep Sleep treatment, producing very different styles of songs. Morning Light, with its synth sounds and gradual build up into the drum beat which caresses the senses into sweet surrender is our track of the EP.
Cover versions can often be clumsy, clunky and unnecessary affairs. Sleep Sleep however, has breathed new life into five very different songs. “CVRS” lets us take a deep look into the heart of a song, as Sleep Sleep tears apart the body, leaving only its soul in tact as he redefines them a new.
The release bodes well for the debut album of sleep sleep’s own songs which is set to be released in October this year on Noise Appeal Records.
The album can be listened to, enjoyed and downloaded on the noise appeal records Bandcamp page.