Flex Sommerfest w/ A Thousand Fuegos, Woods and Nino aus Wien

woods beach
Flex will be celebrating their summer fest on the 3rd of August with Woods, A Thousand Fuegos and Nino aus Wien.
It will be an especially important day for A Thousand Fuegos. In addition to playing live, the 3rd of August also marks the digital release of the 2nd record, which came out on a limited vinyl pressing of just 300 copies a whopping 5 years ago.
a thousand ghosts
A Thousand Fuegos
It has taken a while, but Fettkakao have finally decided to give the album the widespread publicity it deserves. It is ten tracks of musical outpouring of the soul in different levels of euphoria and forlorn. A Listen to these two songs below and you will make you know for yourself that this is a must have addition to your collection. 
Woods from Brooklyn will be headlining the summer drinking extravaganza. Their blend of west coast folk rock is the perfect accompaniment for a warm summers evening. The striking vocals of lead man Jeremy Earl are the backbone of the bands sound, and hearing his voice just makes you want to put on your 1977 filtered sunglasses, mix a nice strong cocktail and jump into the foaming waters of the pacific.
If you are from or live in Vienna then there is no need for me to tell you about Nino aus Wien. Just go watch him.