Fräulein Hona

Quiet Is the New Loud


Allow us to introduce to you Fräulein Hona. A an all female four piece from Vienna. Kerstin Eckert, Melanie Künz and Johanna Schmid have been making music together since 2010 and violinist Judith Prieler joined the band in 2012.  If you like acoustic pop and singer/songwriter romanticism then this is something for you.
Their music deals with the trials and tribulations of life, traveling, dreams and love with a pinch of salt and an ironic undertone. The band themselves describe their music as a “communal kitchen full of friends, tea and cinnamon biscuits, while the wild winds of winter blow furiously outside” – We couldn’t have put it any better.
Their album will be released on the 19th of October, until then check out their music on Soundclound below.
Fräulein Hona will be playing at the Rhiz to coincide with the release of their album on 19.10.2013.