Kanoi/Diamond Incarnation – A Karmic Fire Split single


This is a very interesting concept. If you can’t release something on your own, then why not team up with another budding artist and release a split single? That is exactly what Kanoi aka Benjamin Kantschieder and Diamond Incarnation, otherwise known as Daniele Bovio have done with A Karmic Fire”.
Kanoi is an Austrian one-man project which was founded by Benjamin Kantschieder in 2010 as an outlet for his ongoing quest of combining ambient soundscapes and the experimental mind-set of 70ies space rock. “A Fire”  is six minutes of  transcendent ambience,  and space out heaven, which leaves you joyfully dazed and confused on cloud nine.  Check out more of his music on Soundcloud.
Diamond Incarnation‘s “Karmic Clock”, the other half of the split single is the Yin to Kanoi’s Yang. It is a vibrant, energetic homage to the 60’s, which should probably be enjoyed best on vinyl, sitting cross-legged on a rug in the middle of the floor with your headphones on.
“Diamond Incarnation” was once a side project by the “Guided By Confusion”- singer Daniele B and is now his main project. Check out more of his music here.