Substance is Meaningless – Summer 2013


The summer may well be slowly coming to an end, but the memories will remain, as will the songs which have accompanied us on planes, trains and automobiles, in clubs and parties and on those chilled out warm summer nights in the park.
These are the songs which have given us joy. The full playlist can be listened to here and below.

Bilderbuch – Plansch

This song took over summer in Vienna and came out of nowhere. The Bilderbuch boys have always had a talent for making catchy tunes, but they took it to the next level with this one. It even inspired these kids too.

Hibou – Above Us

Love at first listen. We have mentioned Seattle based Peter Michel aka Hibou a few times already on here, and we hope it won’t stop with this one.

Mile Me Deaf – Brando

Started the summer off with a bang and never fails to put you in a good mood. The Brando EP is a must-have by the way.

A Thousand Fuegos – Whitelight (We Woke Up)

This originally came out in 2008 (with just 300 copies made). Thankfully it was given a digital release this summer.

Black Box Radio – Futurama Cyberlove Disaster

One of the unexpected albums of the summer full of gritty riffs and garage rock flair.

Farewell Dear Ghost – Coldblood

Philipp Szalay aka Farewell Dear Ghost’s wonderfully haunting debut is simply perfect.

Mozes And The Firstborn – I Got Skills

Skills they certainly got. Their debut album oozes “we don’t give a fuck” attitude.

Sameblod – Norwegian Summer

Dream pop from Norway. I have never experienced a Norwegian summer. Are they as good as this sounds?

FIJUKA – Behave (from now on)

This one was a bit of a grower. It was released in April but it is a real summer tune and really hits the spot.

Elephant – Skyscraper

Dream pop perfection from London.

The Fritz – Other Side of Love

60’s dreamy feeling. A picnic basket, bycicle and strawberry jam should be included with this single.

Beach Girls and the Monster I go Surfing

Released in February, but the spirit of summer is present in this one. They also still have one of the best band names of the year so far. 

Generationals – Put a Light On

The band from New Orleans with another catchy piece of indie pop.

Retro Stefson – Glow

Great song, another unexpected gem of the summer from Iceland.