Things to see and do: 03.09 – 08.09

The summer is pretty much over, the festival season is more or less behind us, and that means more gigs and bands and club nights again! 
Here is what you should be spending your time doing this week.

REICH & FÖHN presents COSMONAUTS / BAD WEED @Rhiz – 03.09

Garage pop rock from Orange County as Reich & Föhn presents Cosmonauts in Rhiz.

JEFFREY LEWIS & THE RAIN (us) @Chelsea – 04.09

Jeffrey Lewis
Teenbeat Club Concerts returns after the summer break with another strong line-up of gigs over the next few months. The first of them is Jeffrey Lewis with his mix of indie folk.
If your looking for something a little more Viennese you could check out Crystal Soda Cream in Rhiz 

DER GUTE CLUB: Me And My Drummer @B72 – 05.09

DER GUTE CLUB returns in full force as well this week with Me and My Drummer set to play on thursday (although the last two gigs have been cancelled due to health reasons). If the gig is on, then it will be worth heading to the Gürtel for a listen.

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