Maur Due & Lichter – Bright Lights Big City (feat. Yves Voilà)


If this video was a newspaper you would be getting wet ink all over your hands, that is how hot off the press it is.
Bright Lights Big City feat. Yves Voilà from Austrian electro producers Maur Due & Lichter came out yesterday, and has already tallied up a respectable number of YouTube views.  The tune is a piece of chilled out electro which is melancholic to the core but at the same time somehow manages to get you in the mood to move certain parts of your body in uncontrolled ways.
The video itself is directed by Ronja Schistek and follows the lonesome night wanderings of a forlorn lover. Check it out below
Maur Due & Lichter are on Las Vegas Records. Check out more of their music on Soundcloud.