MY NAME IS MUSIC – “Gimme Gimme Gimme”

……very true words from MY NAME IS MUSIC in their new single “Gimme Gimme Gimme”. A quick disco-clad dip into the depraved world of sex and violence.
The video, filmed and produced by JIMMIDEE is just as over the top as the song and is filmed in the legendary Hotel Fürstenhof in Vienna as the duo crack out the whips, police outfits and sing about dildos to have a dig at the police state and surveillance.
16.09.13    KC Dunaj (+Shonen Knife/JP), Bratislava, SK
30.09.13    Astra Stube, Hamburg, DE
01.10.13    White Trash, Berlin, DE
02.10.13    Club Stereo @ Nürnberg.Pop Club, Nürnberg, DE
04.10.13    Hafen 2, Offenbach, DE
10.10.13    Duncker, Berlin, DE
11.10.13    Kaffee Burger, Berlin, DE
12.10.13    Kulturfabrik KUFA (Indie-Night), Kufstein, AT
18.10.13    Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, AT
24.10.13    PPC, Graz, AT
01.11.13    Fluc, Wien, AT
23.11.13    Weekender, Innsbruck, AT
29.01.14    Chelsea, Wien, AT
30.01.14    ARGEkultur, Salzburg, AT