Amatorski – Tiny Bird

(C) Amatorski
(C) Amatorski
In 2010 a new sound emerged on the Belgian air waves. The vulnerable, murmuring, melancholic, hissing and zooming sounds of Amatorski were discovered….
Vulnerable, melancholic and murmuring are certainly the appropriate words chosen by the band. Their mix of atmospheric electronica and fragile tones are bare, minimalistic and entrancing. Listening to Amatorski is like taking a swim in ice cold water. You come out feeling cleansed, clear and pure.
Amatorksi are signed to Crammed Discs and they will be playing this year’s Waves Vienna festival and should be more than worth checking out.
Amatorski are Inne Eysermans (vocals, piano, guitar, synths), Sebastiaan Van den Branden (guitar, backing vocals, synths), Hilke Ros (upright bass, synths, piano) , e(drums). Listen to more of their music on Soundcloud or follow them on Twitter.