Bilderbuch @ WUK


Bilderbuch have always had a penchant for the theatrical, why else would you name your band after a type of children’s book if you weren’t willing to live out these comparisons in real life? Their live performance in WUK to mark the release of  their new EP did not disappoint on the theatrical/extravagant richter-scale.


Lead singer Maurice donned the stage looking ready to jump into a Saturday morning kids show back in 1991, with his multicolored shirt and bleach blonde hair catching the attention. The band sprang straight into the first track off their new release “Feinste Seide”. A song dominated by a thick, drooling bass line and shrill guitar riffs accompanied by rap style vocals about anything and everything – A very good start to the day.
While they were unable to quite sell out WUK it was still an excellent atmosphere, and the band continue to have an exceptional rapport with their fans, epitomized by the “come on stage and do it yourself” moment in “Lambrusco”. “Maschin”, the 2nd track on their new release, sounds likely to be the next major radio hit for the band. After the success of “Plansch”, this one may just see them break into the dreaded or desired “mainstream”. In any case it is one hell of a ear worm, and we learned at the gig that ear worms are apparently brought on by positive and negative stress, this is definitely eustress (and people say you don’t learn stuff by listening to music!).


The band played all of the old hits as expected but there was a sense in the crowd that many were waiting to hear “Plansch”, the new pièce de résistance. They were treated to one more new tune before this though, the rather unconventional “Moon Boots”. A song named after an awful piece of footwear. I suppose we have have to be grateful that they didn’t dedicate the song to Ugg boots, or even worse, socks and sandals.

BB live 3

It was clear to see that Bilderbuch enjoy doing what they do, and they made their gratitude to the crowd known before cannonballing into Plansch, the wonderfully menacing Kopf ab, Calypso and Maschin for a 2nd time for good measure.
Bilderbuch continue to be one of the most charismatic and all-round talented bands out there in the Austrian music scene at the moment. They have shown that they are not afraid to try something different with their new songs, and it has paid off, big time.

Silky skills from the Bilderbuch maschine 8/10