Waves Vienna 2013 – Who to see and where – Day 1

(C) Substance is Meaningless
(C) Substance is Meaningless
Waves Vienna is a great festival. There is just one little luxury problem….there are so many good bands playing at so many top locations that there is simply too much choice. It is really hard to make a shortlist this time, but here are a few of our recommendations (with no regard for time clashes).

Thursday – 03.10 

The festival doesn’t make things very easy for music fans on the first night. Viennese music institutions SEAYOU records, Problembär AND INK music all have their showcase nights…..
Amatorski (BE) – Flex – 19:30 – 20:15
Minimilistic chill from Belgium to start things off. We mentioned these recently, they probably would be more at home at the Odeon rather than Flex…
Fijuka (AT) – Flex Cafe –  20:15  – 21:00
Austrian duo Fijuka will be bringing their distinctive disco-pop sound to the Flex Cafe to kick off the SEAYOU records night. The cosy atmosphere could well make for a very special gig.
Au Revoir Simone (US) – Odeon – 21:15 – 22:00
One of the few American bands playing at this year’s festival. Their mixture of electronica and indie-pop will be taking over the Odeon as the last band of the VSA night. Could be one of the surprises of the first day.
FAREWELL DEAR GHOST (AT) Fluc Wanne – 21:30 – 22:15
Farewell Dear Ghost will be playing his debut album in full at the INK music night in the Fluc Wanne. Epic indie pop to be expected.
CSS (BR) Flex – 22:00 – 23:00
CSS have been around since 2003. How the time flies…. worth seeing just for the classics and guaranteed dance atmosphere .
Japanther (US) Flex Cafe – 22:45 – 23:30 
Completely different to CSS, but variety is good for the soul as my grandma always says.
A.G Trio (AT) – Fluc Wanne – 01.45 – 02.45
Fluc Wanne will be carrying on until the early hours of the morning with the INK Music night and the highlight will definitely be A.G Trio. Get there early enough or you might find it difficult to get in.

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