Things to see and do – 03 – 06.10

The major attraction this week in the capital of politically confused Austria is without doubt WAVES VIENNA, but there are also some other top gigs and nights happening for those of you who like to swim against the tide. Here is a later than usual Things to See and Do.


Reich & Föhn presents another evening of amp blasting madness in Rhiz with the Dead Ghosts, Cane! and the Howling Hounds. You are not going to be going home disappointed when Reich & Föhn lay on a night, and it will be no different this time.
Vancouver based Dead Ghosts make garage punk rock to blow your ear drums out too. If you like the Black Lips, Shark? or Mozes and the Firstborn then their lo-fi “fuck off I have a guitar” attitude and music will be right up your street. Cane! will be going through the brilliantly titled “tour dope benefit tape” full of synth punk “Milano Style”. Austrians Howling Hounds mix of blues and garage rock is a concoction which also deserves to be given your full attention.

Kissaway Trail + Olympique @Chelsea – 05.10

If you are determined to keep away from WAVES VIENNA this weekend then Chelsea will be providing an attractive option. Denmark’s Kissaway Trail have at times been compared to Arcade Fire, while they may not be on the same level as the Canadians, they do produce great music in their own right.
Austrians Olympique will be supporting (they will also be playing at Charlie P’s at 18:15 on the same day as part of WAVES VIENNA)
Oh, and some small band called MGMT will also be playing on the 4th of October in the Gasometer. You might already know them….

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