Bilderbuch – Maschin


After the summer-loving Plansch and their fantastic EP comes the next piece of brilliance from Bilderbuch. The brand new video for their 2nd single of the EP “Maschin” is nothing short of dazzling.
Directed once again by the talented Antonin Pevny, the video sees lead singer Maurice Ernst invite you to take a ride in his “machine”, which just so happens to be a Lamborghini Diablo, not bad. The video is a glossy and well made as the song itself and doesn’t fail to tap into the self-irony and charisma of the band.
Like their summer hit, this one looks set to take over the radio waves and accompany you where ever you go. Once you get this in your head, there is no way out as the band drive off with your brain and refuse to let you out, and with a song this good, why would we want out?
If you can’t speak German and don’t know what they are singing about, don’t worry. Just enjoy the music.