The Beth Edges – New Album – Crowdfunding campaign


We all know that the situation in the media industry isn’t the rosiest at the moment, and the music industry has been spluttering and staggering on for years. New media channels have opened up more opportunities for bands to be discovered and put out their music, but that doesn’t always guarantee an income.
Music fans rely on bands to continue to inspire them, and bands continue to rely on fans for support to be able to make music which we enjoy.
This is the situation Austrian band The Beth Edges currently find themselves in. They already have two very good albums under their belts but the major challenge lies ahead. Their quest is to raise enough money to be able to record their 3rd album, and they want to do it with you, the fans. Just watch the lovely video made by the band, and I am pretty sure you will feel like parting with some money.
Think about it this way, for less than the price of a Big Mac meal (or two if you’re taking your girlfriend/boyfriend on a romantic date) you can help a band make music, rather than helping the fat cats get even fatter. Capiche?
Contribute to their cause on here