Silvius Sonvilla – “Rücklicht”


We made no attempt to hide how much we liked Silvius Sonvilla’s debut release ” Weltgeschichtenschreiber”. We expected a lot from the 19 year old Vienna based artist after such a good initial release, and he hasn’t disappointed us.
“Rücklicht” is the second single and it is also the title of the upcoming EP which comes out on the 30.10.2013 on Sonobelle recordings. It is an exquisitely composed piece of deutsch-indie-pop which can sit more than comfortably among some of the classics of the genre. It has a heartfelt sentimentality and positive energy to it which makes it impossible to not get engrossed in.
Silvius Sonvilla will be celebrating the release of the “Rücklicht EP” in B72 on wednesday, 30.10.2013.  It should definitely be added to your plans for next week.