The Maybe Men – Rocketship EP

 Maybe Men
The Maybe Men describe themselves as cassette lovers and noisemakers who like to do things fast. Fast is certainly one way you could describe the music made by Gregor Tischberger (Kreisky), Markus Reiter (Destroyed But Not Defeated) and Wolfram Leitner (M185). Lo-fi, noise rock or even weird viennese sludge pop? could also be used.  Weird and wonderful are two words which certainly go well together for this band though, and the Rocketship EP has 5 tracks which you will love without really knowing why.
Any band that has the balls to write and record a song called “My Legendary Penis”, which is the most unappropriate ear worm to have when you’re on the tube ever, gets a SIM salute of approval.
The Rocketship EP was recorded with a Fostex four track tape machine in December 2012 and was released on the 17th of October on The Vinyl Heart Club Records. The band have just completed a tour of Austria, but the album can be listened to on Bandcamp