Sivius Sonvilla EP release party @B72

Silvius Sonvilla
It is always nice to see someone happily going about their business. And why wouldn’t Silvius Sonvilla be happy? He is playing only his 2nd gig ever, the first with his new band, and all of this in front of a packed out (and mostly female) B72 crowd.
The tone was clear to see as we got to B72 and looked around, Silvius Sonvilla is certainly popular with his female fans as they outnumbered the men 2 to 1 at least. Support artist Matthäus Bär and his collection of children’s songs were enjoyed by the crowd, but you could sense that the anticipation and nerves were growing by the minute as everyone waited for the appearance of the band they had come to see on stage.
Any nerves and hesitations which may have existed before going on stage seemed to melt away as they went from one catchy deutsch-indie pop tune to the next with Sonvilla’s smile getting larger and larger with every applause.


B72 generally doesn’t have a great reputation for having the best sound system, but this was different. We have seldom heard such a good sound coming from the battered old boxes. The people behind Sonobelle Recordings definitely know what they are doing. The band’s performance was flawless, which is quite astonishing considering that this was their first live gig together.  We have seen a lot lot lot worse from blooded “professionals” on many occassions.
In these times of 15 minute fame and short-lived attention it is hard to predict what the future might hold, but judging on this performance, Silvius Sonvilla should easily become a regular fixture in the Vienna music scene, and perhaps faster than we think.
You can get his “Rücklicht EP” on iTunes, or in physical form by heading to his next gig, stay informed about those on his Facebook page 


Silvius Sonvilla will be playing the following gigs

08.11.2013 – Josefa, Munich

14.01.2014 – Rhiz