Crazy Bitch In A Cave – Rear-View Mirror


Patrick Weber aka Crazy Bitch in a Cave has been making music since 2007. Extravagent, extrovert and eccentric come to mind when listening and seeing this artist. After the 2011 release of “Particles” CBC has returned with the 7″ “Rear – View Mirror” on Fettkakao which will be released on the 15th of November.
The title track Rear – View Mirror is a glimmering piece of danceable electro-pop which is a perfect platform for CBC’s impressive voice. It sounds a little like what you would get if you put Patrick Wolf and La Roux in a room and said “make something special”. The 2nd track on the 7″, Masquerade is just as enticing in an addictively catchy way.
Crazy Bitch in a Cave has a reputation for outlandish live performances, and this will more than likely be the case again at the release party in Fluc on 15.11.2013 (free entry). If you like your electro-pop with a huge pinch of eccentricity and flair, then look no further than Crazy Bitch in a Cave.


15.11.2013 – Release party in Fluc – free entry


Listen to some of his previous music here: