Fräulein Hona – The Ground Beneath Our Feet – Album Review


Have you ever put on an album and wished that you had an open fire burning and a dog named rover to bring you your mulled wine to enjoy with it? Well, upon first listen to the debut album by Fräulein Hona this is how we felt.  the ground beneath our feet gives off a warmth and sentimentality which is rarely felt these days.
The band describe themselves as melodious, dark, ironic, playful – chocolate and chili vodka, and they are not wrong. Their lyrics are witty, their voices engaging and the music heartfelt.
The album opener “(Blue is the colour of) sailors” starts off reluctantly, even a little shyly before bursting energetically into the chorus, setting the tone for the rest of the album.
Melanie, Kerstin, Hanna and Judith alter from English and German throughout the album, which is a little unusual initially, but it makes for rather quaint tempo changes. Every song on the album has its own qualities, and they have so many layers that you will find yourself discovering something new everytime. You could easily imagine yourself getting lost in the vibrant melodies of “24 Stunden” , while “23rd of December” is a wonderful and melancholically critical tale of celebrations and “getting mindlessly pissed” (once a year).

Listening to the ground beneath our feet by Fräulein Hona is like sailing on a calm sea with the tide gently ebbing and flowing, you don’t know where you are going to end up, but you know there is no fear of losing your way. 7.5/10

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We recently conducted an interview with the Vienna based band, where they told us about their musical influences, the background behind the album name and much much more.Read it here


Fräulein Hona will be playing the following gigs over the next few months. Keep up to date with them on their Facebook page and on Soundcloud 
22.11.2013 – Froff, Vienna
04.12.2013 –  Ost Klub