Scout Niblett – No Scrubs

A rather unconventional Classic Tune Thursday this week, as it is a cover version of a pop song, but a classic pop song. Anyone who claims to not at least know a few words to TLC’s “No Scrubs” is either blatantly lying, or well, blatantly lying. It was released just before the millennium bug was meant to kill us all and went on to win a grammy.
Scout Niblett has given it the once over, putting her stamp firmly on the track. She turns it into an understated and emotionally dark affair which completely changes the tone of the song, and in a good way. Return to 1999 here


Scout Niblett will be playing on the 11.11.2013 in the Stadtsaal as part of STADTSAAL/SAMT/UNTERGRUND in Vienna organized by inc music. INK nights very rarely disappoint, and Scout Niblett  in the Staadtsaal will be a rather special evening as she continues to tour for her 2013 album “It’s up to Emma”. It will be dark, it will powerful, it will be raw, and it gets our recommendation.



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