Wooden Peak – Polar

(C) Timo Roth
(C) Timo Roth
Wooden Peak is a German Two-Piece-Orchestra steadily exploring their own limits. One element of this is the ambitious target to play everything live which is humanly possible for just two people. Not an easy task, but it is a task they have taken on head first as they dived into their brand new record “Polar” with instruments in hand and inspiration in their brains.
The resulting album is a cinematic spectacle of guitars, drums and vocals, brought to life by digital companions like the foot organ and electronics. Sebastian  Bode (drums, electronics, voc) and Jonas Wolter (guitar, foot organ, vocals) manage to build their sound up to epic orchestra-size proportions, driving the music to  it’s peak before letting it drop off into space.
Check out the video for Polar below directed by Holger Löwe
Wooden Peak are signed to Analogsoul and you can buy their album here
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Wooden Peak will be playing the following gigs across Germany in November
14.11.2013 HANNOVER // Galerie Lunar
16.11.2013 SIEGEN // Kultcaff
29.11.2013 HEIDELBERG // Action House
28.11.2013 tba
30.11.2013 STUTTGART // Galao
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